Jamie Thomas – Research Portfolio —————————————————–Creative Music Practice M.A – Newport School of Art, Media & Design


This website contains a living online research document by Jamie Thomas for the University of Wales, Newport. The main purpose in exploring and disseminating research in this form is that is can be adaptable and progressive in its nature, incorporating interactive elements and downloadable examples.

This website outlines an interactive audio/visual installation/tool for music production and performance, which utilizes motion tracking with camera technologies in order to form new intangible communication possibilities for human-computer interaction. This sensory system is designed to track a persons gestural hand and body movement in real time in order to control a simple and intuitive interface for musical interaction.

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Research Profile:

Jamie Thomas is currently researching intangibility within interaction systems with a focus on musical interfacing and virtual instrumentation. The main area of research conducted in this field concerns removing the physicality of objects usually found between user and outcome, in an attempt to create a stronger sensation of embodiment within the system for its user. The relationships that can be formed between man and machine, through the simultaneous interaction and reaction of the system are of interest, and these feedback loops form the basis of practical research, investigation and implementation. This is made possible through the use of motion tracking technology and video processing, enabling the body to play a larger role in the interaction and therefore the space it inhabits. Continued theoretical research, addressing the phenomenological study of consciousness, and in particular Heideggerian theology, informs the practical work as we attempt to understand our interactions within the world by unifying mind and body. The main objective of this research is to enable the promotion of play within human computer interaction, by freeing the user of any wearable technology that my distract or hinder a possible flow state during immersion within the system.


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